For 2024 the Primary 4 – 7 Pupils are returning to PGL Dalguise.  For a weekend of adventure and fun trying out new activities.


An introductory video for families:

Last year our 2023 activities included:

Passport to the World
Hop aboard PGL Airlines and take a trip around the world.  Groups are given a map with a mixture of country flags located around the site.  Each country has a plaque located at the point on the map.  The plaques have questions to answer related to that country, which must all be answered correctly before returning to base.


Giant Swing
The ultimate test of nerve and joint decision-making.

Two or three pupils will be harnessed into the swing, while the other pupils haul them up to 10 meters in the air.

After the group in the swing decides together how high they want to go, a pull on the ripcord will send them back down.

Tree Climb
Pupils undertake a supervised climb into the treetops.

Problem Solving
This session will test the pupils initiative and ingenuity.

Pupils will learn how to paddle, steering in order to control their craft and work together as a team.

Balloon Splash
Each team competes in a series of games in order to gain coins to select a mystery box of items.  Working together to create the best contraption to protect their water balloon from destruction.

The pupils will abseil down from a 10-meter high platform. Encouraging each other as they each take a turn.

Challenge Course
Pupils will negotiate various obstacles that lie ahead, this experience will promote teamwork.

Zip Wire
Pupils will take flight across the sky! their route may take them through a forest or even over a lake.

Pupils will learn the basic principals and safety procedures before moving onto outwit their opponent in this great Olympic Sport.

PGL caters to dietary requirements and we have provided them with a list of requirements prior to our stay.