We currently have a composite class at Strathdon School ranging from P1-7.   

Each term we provide the Parents/Carers with an outline of the coming terms lesson plans.

The pupils learn some of the items mentioned below.

Learning at Home

Direct parental involvement in the child’s learning at home and in the community.

Parents can support learning at home through:

* Reading to and with your child
*Giving your child responsibility for small tasks at home -setting the table, making a shopping list, tidy their bedroom, etc.
*Helping your child to recognise and develop their skills and to recognise the skills of others
*Encourage your child to respect diversity and be tolerant
*Helping them to be resilient and have a problem-solving attitude
*Helping them develop social skills by reinforcing the need for manners and politeness.

Home/School Partnership
The home/school partnership is essential to ensure your child gets maximum benefit from school experiences.  You can support this by:

*Helping with any homework your child may be tasked with and remember to sign the completed work
*Supporting the school in upholding its discipline and school values
*Completing audits that are sent to you seeking your views and opinions on how the school operates.